Live Hypnotist Comedy

Comedy Cruise With Capt. Andy

Captain Andy takes his guests on an imaginary all expense paid cruise to many exotic and special places aboard his mega-yacht the “Hypnautic”. While aboard many strange wonderful and hilarious events occur at every port of call and even on board. What will happen on the next hypnotic cruise?

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When will Capt. Andy's cruise stop in your city?

Captain Andy’s Cruise has been to many events in many different states, for all types of occasions. Every live comedy hypnotist stage show is quite different and unique.

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Professor Hamilton Danforth

Professor Hamilton Danforth hysterically takes a group of volunteers and through hypnosis, demonstrates how easily and quickly we can use our mind to change our personality, our beliefs and perception sand alter our environment. All of this is accomplished in a clean, tasteful yet comical entertaining manner.

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Contact Captain Andy

(636) 699-8643  |  (888) 996-9979

1360 South 5Th Street Suite 360, St. Charles, MO 63301

Corporate Entertainment

Capt. Andy uses props, sound bites, and music to enhance the creative mind and spirit of the volunteers and the audience.


Capt. Andy has a way for groups needing to raise funds to generate those funds with no upfront costs.

Clean School Entertainment

Capt. Andy understands the need to provide clean entertainment and meet the needs of a high energy student body.

Check Out What Some Of Our Past Audience Members Had To Say!

We had nothing but extremely positive feedback the live comedy hypnotist show was great. We hope to have you back soon. Word of mouth travels fast. We may have to find a bigger yacht.

Michelle German Cortland, NE

I really enjoyed the show especially since I had never witnessed this marvel before… I had never laughed so much in all my life. I thought that I would need an inhaler to help me catch my breath.

Rosa Nelson Florrisant, MO

I thought the show was absolutely hilarious!! Captain Andy puts on an excellent show. I would love to view another one of his shows.

Danielle Adkins House Springs, MO