capt andy



Make your next lodge event memorable!

When the Loyal Order of the Moose are planning their various events, there is always a concern “How can I encourage my attendees to stay?” Capt Andy has the innate ability to enthrall his audiences with his hypnotic skills. His Ports of Call acts involve audience members of all ages. While taking a group of volunteers on an imaginary, hypnotic, all expenses paid cruise aboard his imaginary megayacht, Capt Andy uses props, sound bites, and music to enhance the creative mind and spirit of the volunteers and the audience. Your fellow Moose members will roar with laughter as they witness the hilarious events that occur while on board and at the various
ports of call.

What to expect on a trip with Capt. Andy:

The entertainment your Moose members will receive will occupy their time and also increase the likelihood of the purchase of food, drink, and merchandise. When Capt. Andy chooses his participants, the audience becomes interested in the actions of the hypnotized Moose men and women and can’t wait to see what will happen next! The average show lasts about an hour. The performance is completely safe – the participants are not asleep or in some unnatural state. The participant is aware of everything around them and can bring themselves out of hypnosis anytime they desire. The hypnotist routine would be perfect for your Moosehaven, as invitees
of the “trip” can travel to various destinations without ever leaving the comfort of their own community!capt andy

Unite members and help your lodge at the same time.

If networking is your focus, let Capt Andy help you increase your reach. The show involves volunteers of all different ages. When Moose members watch their loved ones onstage, a certain comradery is established between them. They can laugh and enjoy the performance of their loved ones together!

Capt Andy’s routine can be tailored to any type of event. Capt Andy can also aid in fundraising for your organization! Inquiry can be made to discuss your fundraising needs. Capt Andy loves helping out local non-profits – let him help you reach your Moose fundraising goal!


Capt. Andy loves the Fraternal Order of Moose!