Capt. Andy

Comedy Hypnotist Imaginary Cruise

Capt Andy takes his volunteers on an imaginary all expense paid hypnotic cruise aboard his 266 foot mega yacht where hilarious unbelievable events take place. I hope you will join us for the next cruise.

Capt Andy started self hypnosis as a young boy. Capt Andy didn’t even know at that time what he was doing. When he discovered that he was doing self hypnosis he began to study it and has used it on himself for years.

He was so fascinated with the results of hypnosis that he wanted to take the next step and learn how to hypnotize others so he became certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Certified Hypnotist. Capt Andy is now recognized as a Certified Instructor in Hypnosis under the National Guild of Hypnotists.
In addition, to working with everyday people to help them solve everyday problems, Capt Andy, began performing stage shows as entertainment for groups, organizations and schools. Drawing on his years of performing on stage, beginning in grade school through college, Capt Andy developed his Capt Andy character.

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Corporate Entertainment

Capt. Andy understands the need to provide clean and appropriate entertainment for a corporate event. . While taking a group of volunteers on an imaginary, hypnotic, all expenses paid cruise aboard his imaginary megayacht

No Risk Fundraising

Let Capt. Andy help you raise the much needed funds for your school organization. We can show you how to put on a great comical event with absolutely no money up front.

Clean School Entertainment

The clean school entertainment market is unique and very important to Capt. Andy. He understands the need to provide clean school entertainment and meet the needs of a high energy student body.