Clean School Entertainment

The clean school entertainment market is unique and very important to Capt. Andy. He understands the need to provide clean school entertainment and meet the needs of a high energy student body. While taking a group of volunteers on an imaginary, hypnotic, all expenses paid cruise aboard his megayacht, Capt. Andy uses props, sound bites, and music to enhance the creative mind and spirit of the volunteers and the audience. The audience will roar with laughter as they witness the hilarious events that occur while on board and at the various ports of call. Capt. Andy’s guests will have the best time of all and your clean school entertainment will be glad they took the cruise. Capt. Andy and his crew member Maureen (his wife) are both hypnotists certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as Certified Instructors of Hypnotism and will ensure the safety of their guests throughout the cruise.

Capt. Andy’s Comedy Hypnotic Cruise is ideal for your next clean school entertainment event including:
Post Prom Parties
Post Grad Parties
Student Assemblies
Student Orientation Events
Home Coming Events
Club Banquet/Award Ceremonies
Club Fundraising
Sports Team Fundraising
Music Department Fundraising

clean school entertainment

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Clean School Entertainment is our specialty!

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