What is Comedy Hypnosis or Stage Hypnosis?

Very Simply:  the comedy hypnosis brings volunteers up on stage, helps them attain the hypnotic state and then presents them with various scenarios which will cause funny, humorous or unusual reactions from the volunteers.Comedy Hypnosis Let’s now go through the process in a little more detail.  First, the hypnotist will do what is called the pre-talk.  The pre-talk is where the hypnotist will briefly explain comedy hypnosis. Since there are many myths about hypnosis, he/she may take some time to note these and explain why there are misconceptions.  The hypnotist may also do some concentration tests with the audience to identify potential participants and to let the audience members discover for themselves the powerful and creative mind they possess. Next, the stage hypnotist will call for volunteers.  After the volunteers are seated, the comedy hypnotist will do an induction.  This is a simple, easy, gentle way to guide the volunteers into comedy hypnosis.  Next, the hypnotist will dismiss any volunteers that do not go into hypnosis or people the hypnotist feels are not in a deep enough state.  This does not mean these individuals cannot be hypnotized, it means, most likely, something broke their concentration. Now the stage hypnotist will start with the routines; simple ones at first to get the hypnosis volunteers animated and vocalizing.  This is where the big fun begins, as the volunteers encounter various skits and scenarios during comedy hypnosis.  The routines usually get more involved as time goes on.  Next, the hypnotist may or may not give some post-hypnotic suggestions, depending on time and size of group. Post-hypnotic suggestions are suggestions to be carried out or performed once the participants have exited the hypnotic state.  At this point, the hypnotist will bring the volunteers out of the hypnotic state and trigger any post-hypnotic suggestions, if he/she gave them. These are the basic principles of a comedy hypnosis stage show.  Since the stage hypnotist does not know who is going to volunteer or exactly how the volunteers will react to the suggestions, that makes each comedy hypnosis show different and unique even with the same routines.

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