When most people think of hypnosis, they envision a zombie-like character in a movie or on television that are uncontrollable and unpredictable. This image is one of the main reasons there is a great resistance to hypnotists and hypnosis.

Relaxation can be hard to achieve when you are under the impression that while under hypnosis, you may surrender all control of your actions to the hypnotist.

The fact is, under hypnosis, you have more control under yourself than when in your normal day-to-day state.  Your focus gets internalized and the environment around you becomes much less important and less significant.

If you would happen to need to respond to an emergency or someone attempted to get your attention, you would be able to immediately emerge yourself and respond as-needed.

The definition of Emerge in the context of hypnosis means to awake fully to your normal state.

Often, people engaged in hypnosis may appear to be sleeping, but the biological state of sleep is differs greatly from hypnosis.

Once your body is fully relaxed, the mind becomes fully alert and more aware of the suggestions it receives.  Outside stimulants becomes irrelevant.   Focus will be directed on the words of the suggestions you receive and your breathing becomes rhythmic and light.

Sense of time under hypnosis is often distorted.  Many people who are hypnotized feel they have only been under hypnosis for a few minutes.  In reality people are generally hypnotized for  anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes.

What it feels like to be under hypnosis…