Here are a few of my most frequently asked questions

What it Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural normal state of mind, you have most likely experienced this many times in your life. We are in this trance like state several times a day. For example, driving down the freeway lost in thought and missing or almost missing your exit. Or driving somewhere and when you arrive not really remembering the drive there. It is a most relaxing state of heightened concentration and focus.

Who can be hypnotized?

It is possible for everyone to be hypnotized. They must want to be hypnotized as all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. The hypnotist acts as a guide to assist you in achieving this state. It is in cooperation between the subject and the hypnotist that the individual can achieve this state.

Can I be Hypnotized against my will?

No. You must want to be hypnotized and willing to be hypnotized as all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. If you don’t want to be hypnotized you won’t be. If you start with the “I’ll bet you can’t hypnotize me” mindset, you are correct.

Can I get “stuck” in hypnosis?

No. No one has ever been permanently stuck in hypnosis. You are not asleep or in some unnatural state. You are aware of everything around you and you can bring yourself out of hypnosis anytime you desire. If you were hypnotized and everyone left you alone, you would in a few minutes bring yourself out of hypnosis, or if you were very tired, drift into normal sleep and awake as you normally do after a nap.

Isn’t it true that only weak willed or gullible people can be hypnotized?

That is definitely not true. People with a good imagination and the ability to concentrate generally go into hypnosis very easy and quickly. The idea of only the weak willed can be hypnotized comes from the misconception of the hypnotist having control over the subjects. Subjects always have control over whether to respond to suggestions or not.

Can I be made to do something against my will?

No. You have control over your actions and aware of what you are doing and what is happening around you. If asked to do something in conflict with your moral code, you just won’t do it.

Will I reveal secrets while in hypnosis?

No. You won’t do anything in hypnosis you don’t want to while in hypnosis including telling secrets. In fact people can and do lie while in hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

Absolutely. As explained earlier, it is a normal natural state we experience much like daydreaming. The subjects can ignore the suggestions or bring themselves out of hypnosis at any time.

Will I be going against the teachings of my church by using hypnosis?

I am not an expert on religions. Chaplain Paul Durbin wrote an in depth article regarding religion and hypnosis with articles from clergy from many different faiths. The article offers that excepting Christian Science and Seventh day Adventist, most all religions support the use of hypnosis. This includes Buddhism, Catholic, Hinduism, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox Churches, Protestant, Shintoism and Yoga. It is worth noting: The Roman Catholic Church approved hypnosis by decree in 1847 and approved hypnosis for childbirth in 1956. The Christian Science Church was founded on hypnosis procedures. Mary Baker Eddy, the church’s founder was a student of hypnosis. She overcame illness with the help of hypnosis and integrated hypnosis with her faith.

How long are the shows?

The shows generally run about 60 minutes and 90 minute shows are available. Contact us and we can discuss your options. What are the requirements for the show? The requirements vary depending on your venue and your situation. We are very flexible and can work with most conditions. Generally we would like to have a well lighted staging area of about 24 x 20. Also 14-22 chairs preferably straight backed and armless and a nearby electrical receptacle. We are flexible and will try to work with what you have available. We may have other requirements depending on the venue, location, etc. such as staging, sound system, wireless microphone, and travel expenses. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your situation.

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