Professor Hamilton Danforth

P.H.D. of Hypnosis

Let Professor Hamilton Danforth hysterically take over your class!

He takes a group of volunteers and through hypnosis, demonstrates how easily and quickly we can use our mind to change our personality, our beliefs and perception sand alter our environment. All of this is accomplished in a clean, tasteful yet comical entertaining manner. Everyone can enjoy this hilarious event whether you are child or adult, student or faculty, audience member or volunteer participant. I hope you will join me for the next class, Professor Hamilton Danforth’s The Hypnotic Revelations of the Mind.

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Post Prom Events

Let Professor Hamilton Danforth be the spotlight performer for your post prom, post graduation experience. This clean, hilarious entertainment is sure to be the pinnacle of the night’s activities.

School Fundraisers

Let Professor Hamilton Danforth help you raise the much needed funds for your school organization. We can show you how to put on a great comical event with absolutely no money up front.

School Assemblies

Let Professor Hamilton Danforth give the students and the faculty the break in the day they deserve and at the same time demonstrate the incredible power and abilities we each have in our own mind.

Professor Hamilton Danforth is a character developed by hypnotist Andy Gay. Andy was giving guest lectures on hypnosis and giving demonstrations at a local college for the psychology professor. After some discussions with her, the idea for the Professor Danforth was born. Professor Hamilton Danforth’s “class” The Hypnotic Revelations of the Mind is directed more for schools and education but it can be customized for any group or organization.

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